Nobody can steal from you what you already are: yourself

How does one get there? How does one become the best version of his or her own dream? They just keep on moving. There is no secret. You need to want to work and love what you do. Struggle when your inspiration leaves you. Struggle when you need to question your passion. These times will come. These times did happen.

You'll meet so many people who will say "I cannot do it because...". You have to be that ONE person who says "I know I can do it and I will do it no matter what". Someone told me, a few months ago, that it's impossible to actually live and be paid for doing what you love. I was so calm and convinced that I'm able to do it that I even surprised myself when I said it out loud: "Oh, but of course I'm gonna do it. I know it".

You learn that when you trully trust yourself, others will trust who you are as well. And then you learn that when you no longer trust yourself, some great people will furnish you the fuel you need through kind words of encouragement. They see in you what you no longer see at a certain moment. If you ever find this sort of people, keep them close, they are rare and precious.

At the end of the day, you learn the most important lesson: no one can steal from you what you already are.