AUTOR 9 Contemporary Jewelry Fair | April 2013 | Bucharest

It was just so inspiring and revigorating to see so many talented designers presenting their creations during the 9th edition of the contemporary jewelry fair AUTOR. This is not a review, it's more of a subjective collection of what we wanted to remember later and share with our followers. However, Autor brought together more than 70 designers so this is a mere reflection of the beautiful jewelry one could have found there.


Photo credits: Alina Carp
Oh, how we love to see and feel that a piece took hours and hours of work. The elaborateness of this ring won our hearts. And yes, we forgot to mention this: where there's a mineral rock, there's love from WOLF 25.

                                                   DORU DUMITRESCU

Photo credits: Doru Dumitrescu

You can say just by looking at these amazing jewelry pieces by Doru Dumitrescu that love and passion for wood were reunited into something you just wanna touch, caress, admire and, ultimately, wear.

                                             NEVA BALNIKOVA

Photo credits: Neva Balnikova

Needless to say, we fell in love with Neva Balnikova's creations. Huge rings, amazing bracelets (as is the one above), jaw-dropping stones, are you kidding us?! We were hooked!

                                                 ANDREEA MOGOSANU

Photo credits: Andreea Mogosanu
When a designer follows his or her inner belief or intuition, you can see it in what they create. We believe this is also the case for Andreea Mogosanu, again, one of our favourite designers.

                                           FASHION MACHINE

Photo credits: Fashion Machine
They had as us at 'simple, clear lines, everything with a twist and attention to details'. At least this is what we said in our mind when we first saw the two designers behind Fashion Machine.

                                        MADALINA STOICA

Photo credits: Madalina Stoica

You know what caught our attention here? Seeing the designer Madalina Stoica playing with this ring. Yes, you can play with these pieces in such an ingenious way that you just have to see for real one of these great rings and do some tricks by yourself. Loved it!

                                     ROMANA TOPESCU

Photo credits: Romana Topescu / Autor Bijuterie Contemporana
Unfortunately, we couldn't find a photo with the incredible white rings we saw during the fair, but we hope those will be posted soon on the website. You could still see, however, other beautiful pieces. Fragile love, we'd say. Beautiful, we'd add.

                                    WOOD REPUBLIC

Photo credits: Wood Republic/ Autor Bijuterie Contemporana

 OK, so we have minerals, silver, tricky forms and love for wood. Yes, love for wood. When we discover that the designer knew how to listen to the wood's lines, how the end result equals love for wood, well, yes, we give all our appreciation.

                                       RAMONA BEJAN

Photo credits: Ramona Bejan
Although this is obviously not a jewel, it nevertheless caught our attention. That's because we also love cactuses. And terrariums. And aeriums. Boy oh boy, looks like we love so many things.

But of course. Didn't you know that by now?


                                                        WOLF 25

You were given so much LOVE. Use it wisely

Barbara Bologna

For those who are afraid of a word, this is what we mean by "Divine": all the knowledge we have to acquire, all the power we have to obtain, all the love we have to become, all the perfection we have to achieve, all the harmonious and the progressive poise we have to manifest in light and joy, all the new and unknown splendors that have to be realized. - Mirra Alfasa (the Mother)


zena holloway
It's up to you. YOU have to LOVE everything you already have, your friends, your family, love that you wake up in the morning or that you wake up and it's late noon, love the way the light casts shadows on your wall, love music, any sort of music you love, but love it, love how you learned to forgive and forget, love the way you make your coffee or your tea, love who you are, what you do and the people around you. love the fact you are still able to say I'M SORRY and be forgiven. love the morning fresh air, love the 6 am, the 7 am, love the shop right around the corner, the trees and the cats and the dogs on your street, the cars, the too many cars on your street, love the fact that you are walking through them, love the fact you have a destination or love the fact that you don't have one. love today the same you loved yesterday and love what you have now because that is called GRATITUDE. love that you are here now because you are exactly where you need to be to go anywhere you want tomorrow. love the fact you can love, love that you can prove others that love still exists, be KIND, be genuinely kind. love to love, love what you made so far, love what you haven't done yet, love the people you haven't already met. at times you'll do mistakes, you'll love people who will hurt you. love that you can learn from all the experiences and love some more. love to trust people, love that you can be honest with yourself and others and, man, just LOVE.