We Are Charmed

Comme des Garcons Ready To Wear SS12 by Olivia Tsang
We are charmed. We are in love. We feel like the king and queen of the moonlight. We have never been more grateful, never been more charmed.

We live in a wonderful world. We live and let live. We suffer, we go through so much pain sometimes. We fight it back. We are blessed, we are breathing. We smile, we are happy, we are sometimes overwhelmed by enthousiasm. We love creation and we are blessed because we can create. We can do anything.

We are charmed. We understood how only the sky is the limit. And maybe not even. When you are down, come back here. We are here. You are never alone. We are all part of something magical. We are in love with so many beautiful people. Genuinely in love, genuinely charmed.

Thus, we live in a magical world. We feel like the king and queen of the moonlight.

We are charmed.



A Miscalculation

We forgot all the things we once knew. We found out lots of them were wrong, plenty of them weren't ours. We retrieved long time forgotten dreams, another time's wishes. We found ourselves, we found each other. Barriers had to be broken, mountains had to be climbed. We are still climbing. We stop, sometimes, to grasp some air. But we keep on moving.

We understood that it is so important to leave something behind. Air becomes reality, tangible dream, golden, silvery. The doubt? A miscalculation. Because your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them.


                                                                     WOLF 25

Let's talk silence language

Hey, let's talk a bit about silence or talk silence, do you want? What have you been doing? We have no news, we have no new resolutions. That means we learned our lessons in 2012 and it is said that whoever masters the past masters the present and the future. All we have is silence. And silence is a great gift. We are looking deep inside ourselves, embracing the noisy world and turning it into silence.

We found this to be at the very core of what we are trying to build. Of what everyone is trying to build. They say negative people will make a lot of noise about how bad things are. While positive people will quietly find a way to improve those things. But never mind the negative, nevermind us. Let's talk silence.