It's the only thing I can think of, the last thought in the evening and the first thought in the morning. It's fear mixed with desire and hope and need. I need to work again, it's overwhelming. Hands are shaking while drawing. Restarting every process over and over again. Trying to get back to the entire flow of creation. It's scary, it's tough, it frightens me. There is nothing beyond that, there is nothing on the sides. All plans have only one direction, all objectives have one name. It's overwhelming, it's beautiful and it hurts so bad when it's missing.

You know how sometimes in the winter when it's really stormy outside or in the summer when it's really hot outside and you can't breathe properly? I cannot breathe properly because I need to do what I love, I need it like air. It's like only half of my heart is beating, I only have the small reminiscents of what once I learned that working on your passion meant.

Nothing compares to it. I am such a passionate human being and it just feels like this is consuming me, all this waiting, all this time when we can only count days.

Not sure it's good, of course you'd wish it wouldn't hurt, they say enjoy the ride, but when there's a fire inside you need to ease with working on your passion, how can you focus on anything else?

Oh, but I am such a passionate human being.

From our very own designer and founder.

IMACULATURA - 24th of July

Let us tell you a story about IMACULATURA.

Have you ever had a beautiful dream? Have you ever felt like your heart is filled with something so beautiful, something so strong yet obscure that you'd press your palm against your chest? Mariam the Believer has a song called Invisible Giving. And we're thinking this is what this great project offers: an invisible yet tangible gift. And you'll feel that when you'll be wearing IMACULATURA. And you'll be Mariam the Believer if you join this EVENT on Wednesday, the 24th of July.

The thing is... it would be YOU. You wearing it, you loving it, you understanding what it is all about. It's about women but in a way you don't see it all the time or in a way that you sometimes forget. So come and see it and understand it and love it. You want coherence? There you have it. You want wearability? It's here. You want beauty and beautiful? 2 in 1. You want that perfect sense of who you already know YOU are? Game is on. It makes perfect sense. It's you. So beautiful.

All photos belong to IMACULATURA

Are you wasting your young years?

Smile. Work. Create. Love. Be honest. Stay true to yourself. Have values. Apply principles. Hold on to your beliefs. Tell no lies. Take comfort in rituals. Be your own self.

Discover your own self. Eat good food. Take time to prepare good food. Find out what you like. Stay curious. Develop your curiosity. Develop your creativity. Educate your love. Find your principles. Grow solid relationships.

Don't be afraid of black and white. Leave past in the past. Move on. Dare. Have some courage. Find some courage. Hold hands. Caress. Offer love. Accept love.

Stay young. Smile often. Share. Be sincere. Teach others. Share what you know. Keep on learning.

Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Laugh. Love. Listen to good music. Listen to your heart.

Baby, don't waste your young years.



The good news

No bad news. I mean, sure there are not so happy things around here, sure we all endure something. But today we want to tell you about the good news. Or not even. We'll just tell you there are some good news. And it all consists in action. We're equally scared and excited. But someone once said that if your dreams don't scare you, they're not BIG enough.

That means ours are big. Or big enough for us. But the most important thing is that it is a beautiful dream. And it's reality. It's a real dream.

We wanted to say Hello again on our blog.

So hello.

What have you been doing? :)

                         WOLF 25

Few thoughts on being stuck

Dominic Jones

There are times in life when you prove others and yourself what you can do. And again, there will be times in life when you'll feel and you'll be stuck. They will think you are lost and, most probably, you will think and feel the same. They will sense your fear. Most probably, you'll be scared. They will start asking questions. You won't know the answer. These would be, my friend, the hardest times.

They won't get you in those times. You won't get yourself. They will doubt what you can do. You will doubt yourself and what you can do. Past will mean nothing because people are good at forgetting that someone or something meant something at some point. And it is only natural to be so. Nobody owes you anything. But you owe yourself everything.

Inspiration will leave you. But it will come back. People will leave you. Only some will come back. There will be hard times in life when you will feel abandoned. Both by inspiration and people around you. Those will be the hardest times. But time is never against you. Only you can be against yourself. So let those times pass by your current feelings. Let those times prove you that nothing is permanent. And that it is okay for you to sometimes feel alone, abandoned, lost. Give time enough time to show you how things are changing.

Hang in there!

AUTOR 9 Contemporary Jewelry Fair | April 2013 | Bucharest

It was just so inspiring and revigorating to see so many talented designers presenting their creations during the 9th edition of the contemporary jewelry fair AUTOR. This is not a review, it's more of a subjective collection of what we wanted to remember later and share with our followers. However, Autor brought together more than 70 designers so this is a mere reflection of the beautiful jewelry one could have found there.


Photo credits: Alina Carp
Oh, how we love to see and feel that a piece took hours and hours of work. The elaborateness of this ring won our hearts. And yes, we forgot to mention this: where there's a mineral rock, there's love from WOLF 25.

                                                   DORU DUMITRESCU

Photo credits: Doru Dumitrescu

You can say just by looking at these amazing jewelry pieces by Doru Dumitrescu that love and passion for wood were reunited into something you just wanna touch, caress, admire and, ultimately, wear.

                                             NEVA BALNIKOVA

Photo credits: Neva Balnikova

Needless to say, we fell in love with Neva Balnikova's creations. Huge rings, amazing bracelets (as is the one above), jaw-dropping stones, are you kidding us?! We were hooked!

                                                 ANDREEA MOGOSANU

Photo credits: Andreea Mogosanu
When a designer follows his or her inner belief or intuition, you can see it in what they create. We believe this is also the case for Andreea Mogosanu, again, one of our favourite designers.

                                           FASHION MACHINE

Photo credits: Fashion Machine
They had as us at 'simple, clear lines, everything with a twist and attention to details'. At least this is what we said in our mind when we first saw the two designers behind Fashion Machine.

                                        MADALINA STOICA

Photo credits: Madalina Stoica

You know what caught our attention here? Seeing the designer Madalina Stoica playing with this ring. Yes, you can play with these pieces in such an ingenious way that you just have to see for real one of these great rings and do some tricks by yourself. Loved it!

                                     ROMANA TOPESCU

Photo credits: Romana Topescu / Autor Bijuterie Contemporana
Unfortunately, we couldn't find a photo with the incredible white rings we saw during the fair, but we hope those will be posted soon on the website. You could still see, however, other beautiful pieces. Fragile love, we'd say. Beautiful, we'd add.

                                    WOOD REPUBLIC

Photo credits: Wood Republic/ Autor Bijuterie Contemporana

 OK, so we have minerals, silver, tricky forms and love for wood. Yes, love for wood. When we discover that the designer knew how to listen to the wood's lines, how the end result equals love for wood, well, yes, we give all our appreciation.

                                       RAMONA BEJAN

Photo credits: Ramona Bejan
Although this is obviously not a jewel, it nevertheless caught our attention. That's because we also love cactuses. And terrariums. And aeriums. Boy oh boy, looks like we love so many things.

But of course. Didn't you know that by now?


                                                        WOLF 25

You were given so much LOVE. Use it wisely

Barbara Bologna

For those who are afraid of a word, this is what we mean by "Divine": all the knowledge we have to acquire, all the power we have to obtain, all the love we have to become, all the perfection we have to achieve, all the harmonious and the progressive poise we have to manifest in light and joy, all the new and unknown splendors that have to be realized. - Mirra Alfasa (the Mother)


zena holloway
It's up to you. YOU have to LOVE everything you already have, your friends, your family, love that you wake up in the morning or that you wake up and it's late noon, love the way the light casts shadows on your wall, love music, any sort of music you love, but love it, love how you learned to forgive and forget, love the way you make your coffee or your tea, love who you are, what you do and the people around you. love the fact you are still able to say I'M SORRY and be forgiven. love the morning fresh air, love the 6 am, the 7 am, love the shop right around the corner, the trees and the cats and the dogs on your street, the cars, the too many cars on your street, love the fact that you are walking through them, love the fact you have a destination or love the fact that you don't have one. love today the same you loved yesterday and love what you have now because that is called GRATITUDE. love that you are here now because you are exactly where you need to be to go anywhere you want tomorrow. love the fact you can love, love that you can prove others that love still exists, be KIND, be genuinely kind. love to love, love what you made so far, love what you haven't done yet, love the people you haven't already met. at times you'll do mistakes, you'll love people who will hurt you. love that you can learn from all the experiences and love some more. love to trust people, love that you can be honest with yourself and others and, man, just LOVE.

Set our spirit free

We are made of love and fear. One step ahead and your heart aches: What if? What if you make it? What if you fail? What if, no matter the outcome and out of the blue, you'll be in the center of attention?!

It has been a beautiful small beginning. It is hard and beautiful and amazing. It is a trip inside and a journey towards people. It is a constant reminder of the fact that we are made of love and fear. 

We are now learning how to be and stay focused. We are working every day and we can see how this - naming it a project is already too small - passion changes who we are and turns us into better people. But this is what love does, right?

We are made of love and fear, but we work in the name of love and through fear. The world has never felt so heavy and yet so breathlessly beautiful. We see masterpieces where before we would not stop to look. We hear a music we never had time to listen. And it all goes to the heart.

We are not impressed. We want to be impressed and impress in return. Impressed with our work. Impressed by what we succeeded. If there is a struggle, it's worth fighting the battle. If there's anxiety, it's worth getting all the answers. If there's troubling passion, it's worth living it.

We are made of constant love and constant fear. None should and none will ever win while fighting inside the unique individual. But both will make us better people when we understand who we truly are. When we will understand that we are defined by love and that our actions should not be performed out of fear.


 Olga Ryabchenskih Concept

How much do you like what you see? Are you working enough on your dreams? Do you fear enough the lack of time? Because if you don't, it means you think you are immortal. And you're not. But there is one way you can become IMMORTAL.

Create. Leave something for those who follow. Change this world through creation, not by distortion.

Don't take things for granted. Don't be happy others have done it instead of you or for you. Don't settle for contentment when you know there's so much more out there.

Whaveter you feel like doing, do. Do whatever you feel in your heart is right.

That's all.




we used to be better friends, we used to be better lovers,
we used to drink more tea, we used to talk more and write less.
we used to hang out a lot, we used to sometimes look at the sky.

we used to smile more often, this we now remember,
we used to buy groceries from the local store,
we used to go to places, we used to talk to strangers.

we used to have morning, love mornings,
have our coffees together even though sometimes not with the same people.

we used to make fun of books, movies,
cinema theatres, places, dogs sleeping in boxes.
we used to appreciate the first snow, be happy when it rains and it's summer.

we used to have the nights on our side, each night, all the nights.
we used to travel a lot, sometimes through imaginary places,
we used to be spontaneous, climb stairs, many stairs,
go to places, see people, shake hands, share beers, stay in the sun,
laugh a lot, talk a lot, smile a lot, love a lot.

we used to be better friends, better people.

©WOLF 25 2013

Don't let it kill you, let it save you.

Everything happens for a reason. Words, people, thoughts. What you think is a coincidence is not really one.   And it all comes down to believing. Not giving up. We believe in those true stories of real people. You know, when someone had a dream and turned it into something amazing years later. Yes, years. Because there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. And it is not supposed to be easy. If it were, everybody would already be there.

It's life's way of testing you. All you have to do is prove how much you really want it. And if you really want it, then it will happen. If you breathe it, if you dream it, if this feeds you and if this finally becomes who you are, then it did happen. It happens. You are there and here. You made it.

Don't let it kill you, let it save you. Fight against all odds. Keep your head high. Swim along. Love, live, do it. Do it now, not later. Because sometimes later becomes never. Love what you live. No matter how hard it becomes sometimes, let it happen to you because there is a reason behind all that. There is a power beyond our imagination. As a great man once said, humanity knows nothing. But do feel the love of living. Let work and passion save you. Know what nobody else knows. Let it drown you in a sea of love.

Live, love, be it.



Don't you ever stop

For a while, we stoppped working. We waited for that perfect moment. We imagined the perfect setting. We planned it and then we planned some more. We pictured that very moment when we would have finally succeeded. We forgot to work. We forgot that inner fire. You start to make mistakes after a big break. And when you understand the break was a bad decision, the mistakes you are making now are lessons. And we are grateful. And we will never stop working. The biggest lesson we learned this year was to WALK YOUR TALK. We have to breathe what we do and to express ourselves through everything that surrounds us.

Screw perfection. If you wait for that perfect moment, that perfect moment will never come. And you are never truly ready. You just have to keep on working while growing bigger and getting better. Every step you make is a step closer to what you want to achieve. Do not imagine, do. Do not daydream, work. Don't visualize the end result as a negative one before you tried it.

We could use a break. We decide to not take one.

Think outside yourself

Can we do it? Can we forget everything we ever learned and start over? Can we forget about rules, about thinking in a certain way, about seeing in objects their functional role before seeing the unexpected use of them? We are struggling. Objects are being moved around. We are in a constant struggle. Silence won't pay off. Silence is often inaction. And only struggle so far led to action. So we are struggling to forget everything we once knew. But is struggle going to take us on step further? We talk about silence when we talk about love. Becase when you feel it, when you truly feel it, you don't talk about it hoping you'll find it. You find it and then you share it. But is struggle, this particular struggle, going to lead anywhere? How does one forget a lifetime mindset?



We Are Charmed

Comme des Garcons Ready To Wear SS12 by Olivia Tsang
We are charmed. We are in love. We feel like the king and queen of the moonlight. We have never been more grateful, never been more charmed.

We live in a wonderful world. We live and let live. We suffer, we go through so much pain sometimes. We fight it back. We are blessed, we are breathing. We smile, we are happy, we are sometimes overwhelmed by enthousiasm. We love creation and we are blessed because we can create. We can do anything.

We are charmed. We understood how only the sky is the limit. And maybe not even. When you are down, come back here. We are here. You are never alone. We are all part of something magical. We are in love with so many beautiful people. Genuinely in love, genuinely charmed.

Thus, we live in a magical world. We feel like the king and queen of the moonlight.

We are charmed.



A Miscalculation

We forgot all the things we once knew. We found out lots of them were wrong, plenty of them weren't ours. We retrieved long time forgotten dreams, another time's wishes. We found ourselves, we found each other. Barriers had to be broken, mountains had to be climbed. We are still climbing. We stop, sometimes, to grasp some air. But we keep on moving.

We understood that it is so important to leave something behind. Air becomes reality, tangible dream, golden, silvery. The doubt? A miscalculation. Because your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them.


                                                                     WOLF 25

Let's talk silence language

Hey, let's talk a bit about silence or talk silence, do you want? What have you been doing? We have no news, we have no new resolutions. That means we learned our lessons in 2012 and it is said that whoever masters the past masters the present and the future. All we have is silence. And silence is a great gift. We are looking deep inside ourselves, embracing the noisy world and turning it into silence.

We found this to be at the very core of what we are trying to build. Of what everyone is trying to build. They say negative people will make a lot of noise about how bad things are. While positive people will quietly find a way to improve those things. But never mind the negative, nevermind us. Let's talk silence.