we used to be better friends, we used to be better lovers,
we used to drink more tea, we used to talk more and write less.
we used to hang out a lot, we used to sometimes look at the sky.

we used to smile more often, this we now remember,
we used to buy groceries from the local store,
we used to go to places, we used to talk to strangers.

we used to have morning, love mornings,
have our coffees together even though sometimes not with the same people.

we used to make fun of books, movies,
cinema theatres, places, dogs sleeping in boxes.
we used to appreciate the first snow, be happy when it rains and it's summer.

we used to have the nights on our side, each night, all the nights.
we used to travel a lot, sometimes through imaginary places,
we used to be spontaneous, climb stairs, many stairs,
go to places, see people, shake hands, share beers, stay in the sun,
laugh a lot, talk a lot, smile a lot, love a lot.

we used to be better friends, better people.

©WOLF 25 2013

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