Nobody can steal from you what you already are: yourself

How does one get there? How does one become the best version of his or her own dream? They just keep on moving. There is no secret. You need to want to work and love what you do. Struggle when your inspiration leaves you. Struggle when you need to question your passion. These times will come. These times did happen.

You'll meet so many people who will say "I cannot do it because...". You have to be that ONE person who says "I know I can do it and I will do it no matter what". Someone told me, a few months ago, that it's impossible to actually live and be paid for doing what you love. I was so calm and convinced that I'm able to do it that I even surprised myself when I said it out loud: "Oh, but of course I'm gonna do it. I know it".

You learn that when you trully trust yourself, others will trust who you are as well. And then you learn that when you no longer trust yourself, some great people will furnish you the fuel you need through kind words of encouragement. They see in you what you no longer see at a certain moment. If you ever find this sort of people, keep them close, they are rare and precious.

At the end of the day, you learn the most important lesson: no one can steal from you what you already are.

Believe you can

Believe you can so that you can do anything. Scared? Yes, we are scared. Tired? We feel tired but we don't allow it. We haven't worked as much as we know we actually can. Alone? Never, we were lucky enough to meet incredible people. Is this story similar with yours?

Believe you can because once you make that first step, anything is possible. Afraid of success? Of course we are. Success comes with a great deal of responsibility and hard work. Are we ready? Well, this is something we want to prove ourselves. Yet success to us means working hard, reaching our objectives. We don't believe in overnight success. Because anything worth having doesn't come easy, it's the natural way of things.

How will we do it? You have happiness and doing what you love. And then you have happiness coming from doing what you love. Someone once wrote that you're supposed to love what you do until what you do becomes what you love. We were lucky enough to discover what makes us happy.

We were happy to learn that taking new steps, trying new things, learning new techniques for the first time make you a stronger person with more courage. You are put out of your comfort zone. And that's always scary. Who wants to be placed in the middle of the unknown?

But once you are there you are happy and equally suprised to see that you can handle it. Well, what do you know, you are capable of doing that! Amaze yourself first and make yourself proud. Believe you can.

Sélection Monday

We've got some picks from one of the favourite stores. So if you need some ideas for a present or you just want to make a present to yourself (oh my, that works so well, you'll always be pleased), we've got these ideas for you from COS:

For her/for you:

For him/for you:


More than a colour, can you be neutral? There's always gonna be someone who won't understand you and there's always gonna be you who won't be understanding others. Neutral is not a colour, it should be a state of mind we achieve or self-educate. We do neither. We struggle. We lose ourselves in the morning but we find ourselves at the end of the day, as a very good friend recently wrote on his personal blog.

Is there a way out? Sure there is. Go your own path. Trust yourself. Trust your gut. No matter how lost you might feel, follow those who help you grow without judging you. Remember that here we grow together. It is a state of mind what we are trying to achieve. Proving ourselves and never to the others that we can do great things. More than we once thought. Growing stronger. Wiser. Learning that patience is a virtue and no longer underestimating the value of time.

Neutral is a way of living. When you live and let live. When you keep walking knowing that who wants to follow will follow. Be neutral. Because it's more than just a shade.

That DAY will come

'Détache-toi.' I told myself this morning. 'Détache-toi et laisse passer'. A piece of advice
 that crossed my mind just as a soothing hand sometimes crosses over your forehead. 
Play that music. Drink that coffee. Embrace that morning. That day will come. If you feel
 this morning is not perfect, do remember that nothing perfect is that great and that 
perfection is nothing but a placebo. 

We grow together. We grow patience, we grow love, we grow understanding.
 The advice is for those who need it not for those who don't want it. So détache-toi 
because that day will come. That day when your day will become true. And be less
 harsh with yourself. We all make decisions we don't like sometimes. Because life
 is not perfect, because we need constant improvement, because otherwise nothing
 would ever change. 

So relax. You'll get there. That day will come. Détache-toi.

the road less travelled

taiana giefer

walking and walking and walking may seem to have no sense at all sometimes. truth is, this is all you have to do in life. walk and walk and walk some more. why would you give up on your dreams? why would you stop? make baby steps but keep walking. take a deep breath, take a nap, cover your moves in silence when you lose your voice, but keep walking.

we are so scared sometimes. we are scared to go where we want. as John Greenleaf Whittier once wrote,   For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
The saddest are these: "It might have been!".
and we are so afraid of so many things. we would find a million reasons to stop and none to move on. we get stuck on things that didn't work like we wanted because we had envisioned them in a certain way, we get stuck on people who wanted to leave us because we are stubborn and think it's fair to ask from some people what they cannot or want to offer, we get stuck in the house because of a rainy day instead of going outside to enjoy life and an incredibly beautiful autumn day!

keep on walking, that's really ALL you need to do. remember, this is a journey and there is no destination so you have to enjoy every step and every bit of it. don't worry if nothing seems to make sense now and do not fear when you feel lost. just keep on walking. keep on walking even when you feel you don't know the direction for your next step. you just have to follow your heart and walk, sometimes blind-folded. but just keep on walking. and you know why?

because eventually everything connects.

What's the risk of losing it all?

copyright: ALICE FINE Jewelry
To think we run the risk of losing it all means believing we have the right to get everything. But nothing is ours for granted just as nothing worth having comes easily. And this is why we should not blame life for whatever is happening around us, we should not blame rain when it falls down, we should not blame people who simply aren't right for us, we should not blame change when it's happening, we should not blame autumn when it's cold.

We have the opportunity to create so much out of nothing. Earth creates everything out of nothing. I planted some lemon seeds a while ago. They are small trees now, growing. You can plant a love seed and watch it grow. You can plant a forgiveness seed and watch it grow. You can plant an idea and watch it develop into your wildest and most beautiful dream, finally come true.

You can sometimes plant a smile and end up with a great relationship. Plant honesty and kindness and see where that leads you. You won't be disappointed, I promise. We have nothing and we have it all. We have it here already, all these mornings, all these beautiful friends, family members, significant others. We have all the seasons, all the days in a week and yet we have nothing.

Future isn't infinite, present is. Make the best out of it. Plant the seed of happiness in yourself and watch it grow. In the end, you become what you believe. And remember, there is no such risk as losing it all.

Could the meaning of life be love?

We talk about why we do what we do. I read about people loving their jobs. I also read about people hating their jobs. I once read that you should love what you do until you do what you love. In my mind, it made perfect sense. I often see old couples in the street, walking hand in hand. Those are the moments when I ask myself why do we focus on some other things so much and we don't invest time nor energy into building that sort of relationships. I also remember at the same time that I don't believe in definite shapes like that, only in present time. But maybe that's also wrong. Yet again, falling in love isn't optional, staying in love is. But that's something I also read because I experienced how you can unlove someone. Like all of us did at some point or several times, actually.

It's about building, bringing things together, adding yet another brick, taking yet another step in front of the other. It's something which defines you as a human being, walking that extra mile. One could also stop and look into the past. But never, never look back in anger. I like to say that the more I look back, the more I see miracles.

I also believe there is something wonderful in every day. But we have to remember to look for that thing and be grateful for it. Sometimes even the perfect light, that light which will make you smile, it's something absolutely amazing. But in order to do that, you shouldn't be in a hurry. This rush, this meaningless rush, is something we turned into a habit. It's like we run blind folded to the one thing we actually dread: the end of life.

I no longer rush. I actually set my phone clock 25 minutes ahead so that I'm on time at every meeting. Like in a zen saying, when I drink tea, I drink tea. I am present, I am aware of the moment, I enjoy it. And this is how you make 25 hours out of 24.


Make your dreams come true.

I never understood that sentence. It would always seem just a nice cliche. But then I started to make my dream come true. And then everything changed.

There is a huge difference between how we feel we are and how we actually are in the real world. I started working on the inner self trying to bring that out. Constant permanent change. Brick by brick, building myself. Making a dream come true. Working and understanding how I am no longer allowed to stop, to find excuses for not doing things.

It's a wave. And it's so high, so scary and it moves so fast. And you get dizzy, you're dizzy all the time. But oh, my God, it's beautiful!

And sometimes your heart will get scared again and ask what's there left to be done. But this time instead of reasons to give up, you hear one answer. And more than hearing it, you feel it with your entire body. So hard that it makes you shiver: you keep on going.

You walk into the unknown every day. You understand at some point you'll have to risk everything you know. But everything you already know is now safe. So you walk into the unknown and it's just so beautiful and equally scary.

Clear your mind

Clear your mind on a pure morning. Take a deep breath. Move forward. You have many things to lose when you are in motion and you will have to lose many things when you start moving. But oh my, how replenishing is the new you are now building.

Those are not sacrifices, you should know this, it's called prioritizing. And it's so amazing, you'll give up procrastinating. But that's how WOLF25 is learning how to function. Step by step.

Walk that extra mile

credits: billy the kid

How many times during a single day you feel like you have no energy left to keep on going? In the end, you do keep on going. But maybe you just feel drawn by the wrong energy, the wrong motivation, going towards the wrong direction. 

We walk the same path but we walk it alone. We walk it smiling and working harder whenever we feel there are times of struggle, doubt, fear. Whenever energy leves drops, we take a deep breath, an extra hour of sleep, get more organized, but we keep on going. 

We walk the same path. Make sure you walk while smiling. Let your heart fill with the joy of doing. Action leads to dreams becoming reality. Do so. And you'll walk that extra mile. 

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WOLF 25. How does it feel

The struggle is not yet here. But it will come. And I tell myself every day that I am ready. I am determined enough. I am passionate enough. I have learned what patience means. I have learned that you can become what you weren't yesterday. A better person, a stronger person. That there is only one way of getting where you want to get: taking one step in front of the other.

Winston Churchill once wrote that success means stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. I cannot give up what I am because then there is nothing left. No one has it easy and this is a thing to remember. We ought to make the best of our current resources. And we have to smile all along. And actually doing what you love gives you back something extraordinary: more love.

I also learned that what is not started today is never finished tomorrow and that there is no progress without action. And that it is perfectly fine to sometimes feel lost, scared, puzzled. But that it is essential to keep on moving. Step by step, growing. Proving myself, every second, how things can change, how a person can become a better version of the same human being, how life can become round and beautiful.

Because WOLF 25 is all about this. And how does it feel? Amazing.

Today I breath the same air but in a different way

arran gregory
Say that to yourself and count your blessing. You'd think some people have superpowers, but they don't. They only have appreciation for their life and good people who surround and encourage them. WOLF 25 doesn't grow by itself. Not a single day goes by without WOLF 25 receiving positive feedback from you. You send us thoughts, you send us congratulations, you send us photos, you send us LOVE. You make us grow some more by telling us how we are walking the right path.

We give this love back. Because WOLF 25 is about growing beautiful deep feelings and wishing good morning while really wishing that morning to be good and making it so. We believe the living is easy when we are grateful. We work hard and we think we don't work hard enough. We grow because growing is the way. We love because love conquers all in the end.

We take breaks. And we don't feel sorry for enjoying them. Today we breath the same air but in a different way. Remember that not being happy makes you grateful but being grateful makes you happy.



Implement knowledge. Grow.

Implement knowledge.
I think it seemed so blurry for so many years. In theory, it might work. But you don't understand it until you actually feel it. When you learn something new, when you grow (even just a bit) bigger than you were yesterday, wiser and stronger, you unveil another mystery.

I have never in my life felt I can finally prove what I can actually do. It's not a matter of proving something to someone. It's a matter of expressing myself, of defining the self, of discovering and constantly improving. It is an amazing feeling. You are now not suffocated with fear, but with excitement. You know where you stand and you stand still. You are stronger because now you KNOW. You implemented that knowledge into something.

It's like learning how to walk by yourself for the first time. Growing up, we forget that feeling of supreme accomplishment we once had. We retreat with fear. We start stumbling again as if at some point, somewhere, we forgot how to walk.

Grow. Implement knowledge. You'll stand still, stronger.



Fashion Picnic ♕ British Gallery, 9th Heaven Edition

Sâmbătă, 18 august ♦ Unsprezece punct ♦ ☼ și cer senin 

Fashion Picnic ♕ British Gallery își propune să aducă laolaltă pasionații de design vestimentar și obiceiuri culinare, într-o atmosferă tipic britanică. Reuniunea din grădină va fi o sărbătoare sub cerul liber, în curtea unei case dintre cele mai englezești, și în prezența câtorva designeri români invitați să își expună colecțiile pentru vara 2012. 

Din program:
✄ ¿Cum se produc șepcile Turific! Handmade? Demonstrații live cu mașină de cusut, șabloane, foarfece, țesături, cretă de croitor și altele. ₰

✧ Ioana Ciolacu ✧ Alexandra Calafeteanu ✧ Ana are mere ✧ Subset 
✖ WOLF 25 

❖ Expoziție cu vânzare Aitch 

☛ degustări de brioșe The Adorables, ceaiuri și biscuiți englezești, cu ♫uzică în ritm de fâțâială.

Intrarea este liberă.
Vă așteptăm.

Tot timpul va fi vară și totul conform planului.

WOLF 25 pe

It's been crazy around here. There was a wave no one actually expect it. But maybe this happens when you just focus on what you know in your heart that is right. Hard work, investing time and energy, but most of all, passion.

Yesterday we got this interview on

Pentru cei dintre voi care va luati informatiile de baza by scrolling down in feed’ul Facebook’ului, sigur ati vazut in aceste zile Likes si Shares despre WOLF 25.
WOLF 25 este un brand de accesorii asa cum aveam nevoie – minimalist, gandit in baza unui concept clar, a unei identitati bine stabilite si asumate.
WOLF 25 vine sa completeze piesele noastre vestimentare favorite, in stilul propus de designeri romani pe stilul nostru: LUCIAN BROSCATEAN, CARMEN SECAREANU, MURMUR, POEME de CORINA VLADESCU, ATU, ADELINA IVAN etc
Designerul din spatele WOLF 25 este Penelope Pope, o tanara de 25 de ani, care impartaseste cu noi ce inseamna WOLF 25 pentru ea si ce va insemna si pentru noi.
| WOLF 25 s-a nascut din dorinta de a nu mai amana nimic. S-a nascut din placerea de a trai, din recunostinta pentru ceea ce exista acum. Reprezinta o extensie a ceea ce sunt si a ceea ce incerc sa devin, in egala masura. Am infiintat WOLF 25 cand am implinit 25 de ani. A fost o reintoarcere, dupa trei ani de pauza in crearea de accesorii, la un proiect care nu mai are deadline de data aceasta pentru ca e un proiect de-o viata."

You can read it all HERE.

We love to love. Ruffles for breakfast about WOLF 25

Dear Cosmic Audrey, the blogger behind Ruffles for Breakfast wrote a beautiful article about WOLF 25:

"Me and Penelope were having sophisticated coffees in St. Jacques square to lift our not-so-Chanel moods when she popped, rhetorically: “Why don’t I start a design label already?”. It was mid April and windy and flying back home the next day and splurging from a style upgraded capital into our ordinary lives gave that thought a little more gloss than any other possible highlight of our trip.
We had infinite rants on how are so used to forgetting, postponing, procrastinating the tiny or the bigger resolutions, even the ones we make after a heartblowing Florence+The Machine concert and a couple of beers, and so stuck in awe when nothing happens because we did nothing in the first place. Then P. turned 25 next month and somewhere between the usual various routines that make our head think slower and our self esteem accelerate only in the presence of alcohol, she made room for scissors, fabric, pins and leather. Then she took a crafts class and started turning metal into magic. P. made her own design business in her living room, and by the principle that sticks and rhinestones won’t break my bones but turn me into a deadly dirty simple yet glamorous model/blogger/young enterpriser lookalike, she put her first collection on sale via facebook."

You can read the rest of it HERE.

Peste cinci ani iti vei dori sa fi inceput azi

Omul sufera cel mai mult atunci cand isi da seama ca este privat de libertate. De cele mai multe ori, atunci cand constrangerile vin din afara, se simte nedreptatit si lupta pana cand isi recapata iarasi libertatea. Cand constrangerile vin insa de la sine, cand ne dam libertatea pe activitati care nu fac decat sa ne macine, ajungem sa ne simtim asupriti, nedreptatiti, sa ne victimizam si sa credem ca nu mai gasim o cale de iesire dintr-un singur motiv: nu mai stim cu cine trebuie sa luptam si nu vedem ca lupta ar trebui sa se dea cu noi insine.

Aseara, dupa ce mi-am terminat programul din fiecare zi, am mers in atelier unde am lucrat aproape trei ore. Am ras mult, am indoit, taiat si slefuit metalul. Am fost la un pas de a-mi sacrifica un deget si mi-am ars degetele de mai multe ori la masina de finisat. In toate aceste trei ore, eram insa libera.

Nu ma gandeam decat la bucatica aceea de metal si eram atenta sa nu rup inca o panza de traforaj. Eram acolo fiindca eu alesesem asta, eram acolo si faceam ce-mi place, eram acolo si niciun alt gand nu ma tulbura.

Cineva mi-a spus ieri ca, desi pentru noi pare usor, pentru creier nu e deloc simplu cand noi conducem masina si vorbim la telefon in acelasi timp. De activitatea online, nici nu mai pomenesc. Asa ca am ales sa simplific multe. Simtim acut nevoia de a reduce din lucruri, insa altele ivite de niciunde vin spre noi si toate par frumoase si stralucitoare.

Am redus din ele, am renuntat la multe, am ales sa... aleg mai putin si mai bine. Sa muncesc in mai putine directii, dar sa dau tot ce-i mai bun si sa invat continuu. Sa inteleg ca frumosul vine din cele mai simple lucruri, din cele care ne aduc un sentiment la fel de simplu pe care nu-l mai intelegem cand nu mai suntem liberi: linistea.

Cam asta inseamna WOLF 25, un proiect care va dura o viata pentru ca vreau tare mult sa imbatranesc zambind.

WOLF 25 Woman

Ask us what the WOLF 25 woman looks like and we'll know what photos to show you. Ask us what the WOLF 25 woman feels and we'll talk about the most beautiful feelings. Ask us about what the WOLF 25 woman believes in and we'll show you a list with some of the greatest goals and values. Ask us about her and we'll tell you about a strong independent Woman who believes in herself and the power of change. A woman who trusts and believes in love. A woman who loves present time and makes the best of her life in every moment. Ask us.

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It's WOLF 25 summer sale!

Each of the pieces below can be yours! Is 40 lei a good price? Check whole collection HERE.

WOLF 25 @ Fashion Picnic by British Gallery at Libraria Bastilia

What a lovely place for hosting such an event. It was delightful and everything was perfectly organised. Feedback on WOLF 25 (Ich bin Wolf Collection) was good so now I'm looking forward to possible collaborations. And work, work, work and plans, plans, plans!

Soon I'll be posting more photos from yesterday with the beautiful models and more WOLF 25 accessories.


I started WOLF 25 when I turned 25. It seemed like the right moment. I learned that it is never too late to become who you think you might have been. You don't have to wait. After a 3 years pause in making accessories, true passion for design found its way back. This project has no deadline. This is a lifetime project.

So welcome to WOLF 25.