IMACULATURA - 24th of July

Let us tell you a story about IMACULATURA.

Have you ever had a beautiful dream? Have you ever felt like your heart is filled with something so beautiful, something so strong yet obscure that you'd press your palm against your chest? Mariam the Believer has a song called Invisible Giving. And we're thinking this is what this great project offers: an invisible yet tangible gift. And you'll feel that when you'll be wearing IMACULATURA. And you'll be Mariam the Believer if you join this EVENT on Wednesday, the 24th of July.

The thing is... it would be YOU. You wearing it, you loving it, you understanding what it is all about. It's about women but in a way you don't see it all the time or in a way that you sometimes forget. So come and see it and understand it and love it. You want coherence? There you have it. You want wearability? It's here. You want beauty and beautiful? 2 in 1. You want that perfect sense of who you already know YOU are? Game is on. It makes perfect sense. It's you. So beautiful.

All photos belong to IMACULATURA

Are you wasting your young years?

Smile. Work. Create. Love. Be honest. Stay true to yourself. Have values. Apply principles. Hold on to your beliefs. Tell no lies. Take comfort in rituals. Be your own self.

Discover your own self. Eat good food. Take time to prepare good food. Find out what you like. Stay curious. Develop your curiosity. Develop your creativity. Educate your love. Find your principles. Grow solid relationships.

Don't be afraid of black and white. Leave past in the past. Move on. Dare. Have some courage. Find some courage. Hold hands. Caress. Offer love. Accept love.

Stay young. Smile often. Share. Be sincere. Teach others. Share what you know. Keep on learning.

Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Laugh. Love. Listen to good music. Listen to your heart.

Baby, don't waste your young years.