The good news

No bad news. I mean, sure there are not so happy things around here, sure we all endure something. But today we want to tell you about the good news. Or not even. We'll just tell you there are some good news. And it all consists in action. We're equally scared and excited. But someone once said that if your dreams don't scare you, they're not BIG enough.

That means ours are big. Or big enough for us. But the most important thing is that it is a beautiful dream. And it's reality. It's a real dream.

We wanted to say Hello again on our blog.

So hello.

What have you been doing? :)

                         WOLF 25

Few thoughts on being stuck

Dominic Jones

There are times in life when you prove others and yourself what you can do. And again, there will be times in life when you'll feel and you'll be stuck. They will think you are lost and, most probably, you will think and feel the same. They will sense your fear. Most probably, you'll be scared. They will start asking questions. You won't know the answer. These would be, my friend, the hardest times.

They won't get you in those times. You won't get yourself. They will doubt what you can do. You will doubt yourself and what you can do. Past will mean nothing because people are good at forgetting that someone or something meant something at some point. And it is only natural to be so. Nobody owes you anything. But you owe yourself everything.

Inspiration will leave you. But it will come back. People will leave you. Only some will come back. There will be hard times in life when you will feel abandoned. Both by inspiration and people around you. Those will be the hardest times. But time is never against you. Only you can be against yourself. So let those times pass by your current feelings. Let those times prove you that nothing is permanent. And that it is okay for you to sometimes feel alone, abandoned, lost. Give time enough time to show you how things are changing.

Hang in there!