I started WOLF 25 when I turned 25. It seemed like the right moment. I learned that it is never too late to become who you think you might have been. You don't have to wait. After a 3 years pause in making accessories, true passion for design found its way back. This project has no deadline. This is a lifetime project.

I believe in people and in personal growth. I believe that nothing worth having comes easy. I believe in what hard work can bring. I believe in present moment and in all the things we can do. I believe in change and I believe that we should follow our dreams right now because there is no right time. And I believe that the trip might be hard, but what matters is that we embark. 

I believe in the good, positive, beautiful side of people, happenings, things. I believe in becoming stronger and wiser and in pursuing our dreams. We can do anything but first we have to believe.
WOLF 25 is about expanding this way of perceiving the world. It is about the simple things in life that should be appreciated in the present time. It is about enjoying simplicity and understanding that we can live well below our means. WOLF 25 is about sharing a weltanschaaung through creation. It seeks to inspire others and share the positive touch of change in life. 

Welcome to WOLF 25. Live now, live simple and enjoy everything.

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