Could the meaning of life be love?

We talk about why we do what we do. I read about people loving their jobs. I also read about people hating their jobs. I once read that you should love what you do until you do what you love. In my mind, it made perfect sense. I often see old couples in the street, walking hand in hand. Those are the moments when I ask myself why do we focus on some other things so much and we don't invest time nor energy into building that sort of relationships. I also remember at the same time that I don't believe in definite shapes like that, only in present time. But maybe that's also wrong. Yet again, falling in love isn't optional, staying in love is. But that's something I also read because I experienced how you can unlove someone. Like all of us did at some point or several times, actually.

It's about building, bringing things together, adding yet another brick, taking yet another step in front of the other. It's something which defines you as a human being, walking that extra mile. One could also stop and look into the past. But never, never look back in anger. I like to say that the more I look back, the more I see miracles.

I also believe there is something wonderful in every day. But we have to remember to look for that thing and be grateful for it. Sometimes even the perfect light, that light which will make you smile, it's something absolutely amazing. But in order to do that, you shouldn't be in a hurry. This rush, this meaningless rush, is something we turned into a habit. It's like we run blind folded to the one thing we actually dread: the end of life.

I no longer rush. I actually set my phone clock 25 minutes ahead so that I'm on time at every meeting. Like in a zen saying, when I drink tea, I drink tea. I am present, I am aware of the moment, I enjoy it. And this is how you make 25 hours out of 24.


Make your dreams come true.

I never understood that sentence. It would always seem just a nice cliche. But then I started to make my dream come true. And then everything changed.

There is a huge difference between how we feel we are and how we actually are in the real world. I started working on the inner self trying to bring that out. Constant permanent change. Brick by brick, building myself. Making a dream come true. Working and understanding how I am no longer allowed to stop, to find excuses for not doing things.

It's a wave. And it's so high, so scary and it moves so fast. And you get dizzy, you're dizzy all the time. But oh, my God, it's beautiful!

And sometimes your heart will get scared again and ask what's there left to be done. But this time instead of reasons to give up, you hear one answer. And more than hearing it, you feel it with your entire body. So hard that it makes you shiver: you keep on going.

You walk into the unknown every day. You understand at some point you'll have to risk everything you know. But everything you already know is now safe. So you walk into the unknown and it's just so beautiful and equally scary.

Clear your mind

Clear your mind on a pure morning. Take a deep breath. Move forward. You have many things to lose when you are in motion and you will have to lose many things when you start moving. But oh my, how replenishing is the new you are now building.

Those are not sacrifices, you should know this, it's called prioritizing. And it's so amazing, you'll give up procrastinating. But that's how WOLF25 is learning how to function. Step by step.