WOLF 25. How does it feel

The struggle is not yet here. But it will come. And I tell myself every day that I am ready. I am determined enough. I am passionate enough. I have learned what patience means. I have learned that you can become what you weren't yesterday. A better person, a stronger person. That there is only one way of getting where you want to get: taking one step in front of the other.

Winston Churchill once wrote that success means stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. I cannot give up what I am because then there is nothing left. No one has it easy and this is a thing to remember. We ought to make the best of our current resources. And we have to smile all along. And actually doing what you love gives you back something extraordinary: more love.

I also learned that what is not started today is never finished tomorrow and that there is no progress without action. And that it is perfectly fine to sometimes feel lost, scared, puzzled. But that it is essential to keep on moving. Step by step, growing. Proving myself, every second, how things can change, how a person can become a better version of the same human being, how life can become round and beautiful.

Because WOLF 25 is all about this. And how does it feel? Amazing.

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