We love to love. Ruffles for breakfast about WOLF 25

Dear Cosmic Audrey, the blogger behind Ruffles for Breakfast wrote a beautiful article about WOLF 25:

"Me and Penelope were having sophisticated coffees in St. Jacques square to lift our not-so-Chanel moods when she popped, rhetorically: “Why don’t I start a design label already?”. It was mid April and windy and flying back home the next day and splurging from a style upgraded capital into our ordinary lives gave that thought a little more gloss than any other possible highlight of our trip.
We had infinite rants on how are so used to forgetting, postponing, procrastinating the tiny or the bigger resolutions, even the ones we make after a heartblowing Florence+The Machine concert and a couple of beers, and so stuck in awe when nothing happens because we did nothing in the first place. Then P. turned 25 next month and somewhere between the usual various routines that make our head think slower and our self esteem accelerate only in the presence of alcohol, she made room for scissors, fabric, pins and leather. Then she took a crafts class and started turning metal into magic. P. made her own design business in her living room, and by the principle that sticks and rhinestones won’t break my bones but turn me into a deadly dirty simple yet glamorous model/blogger/young enterpriser lookalike, she put her first collection on sale via facebook."

You can read the rest of it HERE.

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