Implement knowledge. Grow.

Implement knowledge.
I think it seemed so blurry for so many years. In theory, it might work. But you don't understand it until you actually feel it. When you learn something new, when you grow (even just a bit) bigger than you were yesterday, wiser and stronger, you unveil another mystery.

I have never in my life felt I can finally prove what I can actually do. It's not a matter of proving something to someone. It's a matter of expressing myself, of defining the self, of discovering and constantly improving. It is an amazing feeling. You are now not suffocated with fear, but with excitement. You know where you stand and you stand still. You are stronger because now you KNOW. You implemented that knowledge into something.

It's like learning how to walk by yourself for the first time. Growing up, we forget that feeling of supreme accomplishment we once had. We retreat with fear. We start stumbling again as if at some point, somewhere, we forgot how to walk.

Grow. Implement knowledge. You'll stand still, stronger.



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