More than a colour, can you be neutral? There's always gonna be someone who won't understand you and there's always gonna be you who won't be understanding others. Neutral is not a colour, it should be a state of mind we achieve or self-educate. We do neither. We struggle. We lose ourselves in the morning but we find ourselves at the end of the day, as a very good friend recently wrote on his personal blog.

Is there a way out? Sure there is. Go your own path. Trust yourself. Trust your gut. No matter how lost you might feel, follow those who help you grow without judging you. Remember that here we grow together. It is a state of mind what we are trying to achieve. Proving ourselves and never to the others that we can do great things. More than we once thought. Growing stronger. Wiser. Learning that patience is a virtue and no longer underestimating the value of time.

Neutral is a way of living. When you live and let live. When you keep walking knowing that who wants to follow will follow. Be neutral. Because it's more than just a shade.

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