Set our spirit free

We are made of love and fear. One step ahead and your heart aches: What if? What if you make it? What if you fail? What if, no matter the outcome and out of the blue, you'll be in the center of attention?!

It has been a beautiful small beginning. It is hard and beautiful and amazing. It is a trip inside and a journey towards people. It is a constant reminder of the fact that we are made of love and fear. 

We are now learning how to be and stay focused. We are working every day and we can see how this - naming it a project is already too small - passion changes who we are and turns us into better people. But this is what love does, right?

We are made of love and fear, but we work in the name of love and through fear. The world has never felt so heavy and yet so breathlessly beautiful. We see masterpieces where before we would not stop to look. We hear a music we never had time to listen. And it all goes to the heart.

We are not impressed. We want to be impressed and impress in return. Impressed with our work. Impressed by what we succeeded. If there is a struggle, it's worth fighting the battle. If there's anxiety, it's worth getting all the answers. If there's troubling passion, it's worth living it.

We are made of constant love and constant fear. None should and none will ever win while fighting inside the unique individual. But both will make us better people when we understand who we truly are. When we will understand that we are defined by love and that our actions should not be performed out of fear.

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