It's the only thing I can think of, the last thought in the evening and the first thought in the morning. It's fear mixed with desire and hope and need. I need to work again, it's overwhelming. Hands are shaking while drawing. Restarting every process over and over again. Trying to get back to the entire flow of creation. It's scary, it's tough, it frightens me. There is nothing beyond that, there is nothing on the sides. All plans have only one direction, all objectives have one name. It's overwhelming, it's beautiful and it hurts so bad when it's missing.

You know how sometimes in the winter when it's really stormy outside or in the summer when it's really hot outside and you can't breathe properly? I cannot breathe properly because I need to do what I love, I need it like air. It's like only half of my heart is beating, I only have the small reminiscents of what once I learned that working on your passion meant.

Nothing compares to it. I am such a passionate human being and it just feels like this is consuming me, all this waiting, all this time when we can only count days.

Not sure it's good, of course you'd wish it wouldn't hurt, they say enjoy the ride, but when there's a fire inside you need to ease with working on your passion, how can you focus on anything else?

Oh, but I am such a passionate human being.

From our very own designer and founder.

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