Don't you ever stop

For a while, we stoppped working. We waited for that perfect moment. We imagined the perfect setting. We planned it and then we planned some more. We pictured that very moment when we would have finally succeeded. We forgot to work. We forgot that inner fire. You start to make mistakes after a big break. And when you understand the break was a bad decision, the mistakes you are making now are lessons. And we are grateful. And we will never stop working. The biggest lesson we learned this year was to WALK YOUR TALK. We have to breathe what we do and to express ourselves through everything that surrounds us.

Screw perfection. If you wait for that perfect moment, that perfect moment will never come. And you are never truly ready. You just have to keep on working while growing bigger and getting better. Every step you make is a step closer to what you want to achieve. Do not imagine, do. Do not daydream, work. Don't visualize the end result as a negative one before you tried it.

We could use a break. We decide to not take one.

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